Zurich 2014

High End Swiss 2014: Ypsilon, Backes & Muller


By Norman Williams


HE_Swiss_Logo_14A very refined and appealing sound from the Ypsilon room. I spent enough time to hear a classical song and was impressed. I gave the thumbs up to someone who looked like the owner of the company and asked for confirmation of it being a French brand and he said no, GREEK! Again we exchanged thumbs up. No chance to get back but the speakers were excellent and the electronics all seemed top-notch.

Backes & Muller

I forgot to mention that the Backes & Muller room was one of my favorites, and as they had a big seminar room, they had greatd, balanced sound from some nice looking gear. Most notable is the fact that they had a new digital/analog preamp driving their active speakers. They do a new preamp every 15 years or so and strive to have it aesthetically “different”. This unit seemed like it was covered in acrylic permafrost and came from the wrong side of Castle Black’s wall in “Game of Thrones”. However, this “Wildling” combined with the big active speakers made beautiful classical music.