Zurich 2014

High End Swiss 2014: Fischer & Fischer Speakers and Mudra Akustics


By Norman Williams

HE_Swiss_Logo_14Thomas of Fischer-Fischer did not speak a lot of English, so I passed a lot of the time speaking with the extremely pleasant Michael Mudra (whose firm actually does the manufacturing — he poses in one of the pictures) and he explained the tech behind them.

We also spent lots of time cracking jokes and sharing stories like long-lost pals (we only just met). The most unfortunate thing was that these were all static demos, but luckily I heard their flagship model (SL770, circa $45K) 2 years ago in Zurich 2012. The key tech points, apart from the inert slate enclosure, is the use of a modern AMT tweeter for the high frequencies and the proprietary conical drivers they make. The cones are composite materials bonded together and are soft to the touch in front and hard and rigid at the back. Michael says they could not find any supplier on the market up to the standard they demanded, so they had to develop them internally.

They were showing the newly released third in the line speaker (SN/SL-570~$28K) and the 2 smaller ones (~$18K and $9K).

The runt of the litter (SN/SL-270) does not use an AMT driver and is really for a small room. I surmised that the sweetspot between size/mass and SQ for a smaller room like most people have in the real world would be the 470 and he explained that is not necessarily so. If the room has decent size, the 570 may actually be easier to integrate, given its higher sensitivity of 90db vs 89db and it lower X-over point of 100hz insetad of 140hz for the 470. He did confirm they both had the same house sound sonic signature though.

Mudra Akustic makes power conditioners and regenerators. Both firms will be in Munich next year and perhaps Warsaw too (as Warsaw is getting quite a buzz in Europe).