Zurich 2014

High End Swiss 2014: KEF


By Norman Williams

HE_Swiss_Logo_14Interesting room where they were showing off the speakers now available in more colour combinations by an actual KEF representative from the UK.

When I told him I much prefer the LS-50 to the Blades, he seems genuinely puzzled and said that he had heard similar comments before and all he can say is that they must not have been set up right (Zürich 2012 with Soulution amps, I think). He emphatically said that if he had set them up, there would have been no such equivocations as he thinks the Blades and Blade 2s are far better. Dunno, as they failed The PTA resolution cricket test on “Roadhouses & Automobiles” while the LS50 passed with flying colors! However, given how emphatic he was. I will give it a 2nd chance when next I meet the Blades.

The floor standing KEF Reference speakers did sound good in that small room though.





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