Zurich 2014

High End Swiss 2014: Audio Note UK


By Norman Williams

HE_Swiss_Logo_14I must confess that I did not spend too much time actually listening in this room, as the nudie show was much more interesting. Audio Note UK was keen to show off what lay underneath the hoods and I was happy to oblige with photographic evidence.

Thus, I went snapping away while the seated audience in the rather large room appeared puzzled by my actions. What I did notice was quite lovely and in a later show, I even heard a similar AN setup jamming quite well to heavy metal music. Strange I know, as AN is normally firmly placed in the “pipe and slippers” camp by yours truly.

This room also featured the Tim de Paravacini Ear/Yoshino V12 (I think). Gorgeous design but it was a static demo.



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P1020323 (1)




3 thoughts on “High End Swiss 2014: Audio Note UK

  1. David Cope says:

    Anyone who has been in an Audio Note demo room when Peter Q is at the helm knows that the ‘pipe ‘n slippers’ notion misses the mark completely. He tends to play death metal at concert levels, causing a great churn among the folks in the room and outside in the hall – half, like me, trying desperately to escape before tinnitus sets in, the other half scrambling to get into the room!

    • Scot Hull says:

      I caught Peter at New York last year, and he ended up sending me a double album of Noisia’s Split The Atom. Crazy dude — and yes, we played that album loud enough to drive everyone from the room instantly. He laughed and laughed and laughed ….

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