Zurich 2014

High End Swiss 2014: Grimm Audio, Klangwerk and Illusonic


By Norman Williams

Grimm Audio


Regarding the Grimm/Weiss room, I went in with no expectations and was a bit tired. I had heard from Scot that they had great sound and I completely agree. It was a very soothing, even rejuvenating,10 minutes spent relaxing and just listening to music wash over me.

Grimm powered speakers were the LS1 (upfiring woofer) with Christian Wenger manning the room. Weiss component is the MAN301 music archive network player, but the Macbook was actually playing direct.




Klangwerk and Illusonic

Another Swiss partnership on display.

I know both Christof Faller, the Managing Director of Illusonic, and Markus Thomann, the co-owner of Klagwerk, and like them a lot. They seemed to make a great natural pairing, both aesthetically and sonically. With the Muro, Klangwerk definitety has the right gear to build a complete surround speaker setup and paired with Illusonic, they offer you the immersive audio experience in a truly turnkey manner.

The guys were very busy at the time with other showgoers, so we had no time to catch up, but I loved what I was hearing as usual.


Illusonic 2