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High End 2015: Viva Audio Egoista 2A3


HE15_Logo_GB_01It’s old news by now that the Viva Audio Egoista may be the motherlode when it comes to headphone amps. It’s big, it’s hot, it cranks out a ton of power. To be fair, it may well be the best-sounding amplifier on the market.

Bar one.

Say hello to the Viva Audio Egoista 2A3.

This amp is supposed to a bit more affordable than the “regular” Egoista Dr K reviewed last year, but don’t be fooled by the promise of a lower price tag ($7500 vs $10000). This new amp, which you could view as a traditional stereo amplifier that just happens to have two SE headphone jacks, puts out a very healthy 3 watts per channel. Perhaps more importantly, it also runs vastly cooler than it’s bigger brother.

And boy-howdy, does it deliver.

Shown here in Lamborghini orange, the Egoista 2A3 was rich, tonally dense, effortlessly powerful, and completely intoxicating during the brief listen via the supplied Audeze LCD-3 headphones. And yes, I think the 2A3 output tube may be more delicious than the powerful 845 found in the “full” Egoista. Sure, you want Hulk-like grip and power, the bigger Egoista will serve, but that’s up to you. Me? I want the 2A3, and I’m ready to throw a tantrum. Now! Now! Now!

I didn’t get an ETA on availability, but while “show conditions” never lend themselves to making a final judgment on sound quality (and that goes double for High End’s bottom-floor expo Halls), I will have to say that this is the only product that had me reaching for my wallet.


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