Audio, an Auto Show, and The Cannonball Run


According to Google Maps, the distance between Manhattan and Redondo Beach is about 2,800 miles. Following the respective speed limits and abstracting away from pesky things like stopping for fuel or the necessities of nature, Google is confident that such a drive can be completed in 41 hours, point to point.

Reality, of course, is a little different.

There will be traffic. If you don’t travel over a holiday or weekend, there will be at least one and possibly three “rush hours”. There will be weather. Variable road conditions, including construction, potholes, lane closures. You’re going to need fuel, so that means a stop, which means an average of zero-miles-per-hour during those 5+ minute stops, which means making up that time. You have to eat. You have to do whatever it is your body usually does with food, once it’s finished with it. And there’s that little issue of sleep. Continue reading